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Re: libc0.3 with gcc-3.0 success

From: Jeff Bailey
Subject: Re: libc0.3 with gcc-3.0 success
Date: Sun, 7 Apr 2002 19:34:51 -0700
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On Sun, Apr 07, 2002 at 10:12:29PM -0400, Roland McGrath wrote:

> > Would you consider setting the default stdio for us to libio?

> It's my intention to do that when and only when we are quite sure we
> are ready to nix the pre-libio package archive.

Do you have any preferance as to when that occurs?  The next glibc
upload includes '--enable-libio' and libc0.3 as the packages.  Our
staging archive has ~1000 packages in it.  It appears to work (massive
compiles, and uploads and downloads using ssh and apt-get) to basic

The only thing I'm not certain about yet is why make check is failing.
I've set that as one of my tasks this week.

> > 1) Try builds with Marcus' ioperms patches.  This requires
> > oskit-mach headers (which I have) but I would prefer to do it with
> > an oskit-mach-dev package.  Either way, this will be tested
> > Saturday.

> Do you mean my implementation of ioperm in libc, or something else?
> I've only put that into 2.3, not 2.2 as yet.

I didn't manage to test it Saturday (the weather was too nice),
although I have emailed with the oskit package maintainer about making
sure that Jon's patch gets in there.

I would like to put a sample package of oskit-mach up somewhere for
people to play with.  It seems to work well enough on my system, that
it's now my first choice in the grub menu.

I seem to remember you emailing a bit ago asking for folks to test
this for possible inclusion in glibc-2.2.  I'm hoping to do that
testing (Unless someone beats me to it, which I wouldn't mind)

> > 2) Watch for the removal of the sys_errlist definition from
> > libio.h.

> It's not exactly clear what's going to happen about that, but
> hopefully the essential packages (i.e. libiberty) can get fixed
> themselves anyway.

I just caught up on the libc-alpha mail this evening.  I'll try and
figure out the right fix and get it submitted in time for the gcc-3.1

Jeff Bailey

"Frankly, trying to turn Windows into a decent educational software
development platform is about as fun as jumping naked into a pit of
rabid wolves."
 - As seen on slashdot

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