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Cross-compiler for HURD/Alpha?

From: Andrew M. Miklic
Subject: Cross-compiler for HURD/Alpha?
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 22:49:45 -0600

I have tried to follow the instructions for building a cross-compiler from
the HURD homepage, but I tried to download the lastest (3.0.4) instead of
2.95.2, and I can find no reference anywhere (in the config* files, either
in the 2.95.2 or the 3.0.4 gcc source) to building the HURD as a target
($arch-gnu)--is 2.95.2 the only distribution to contain code to
cross-compile the HURD, or should I be able to start with 3.0.4?

Also, should anything specific need to be done to support a target of a
different architecture target for the HURD (i.e., alpha-gnu), and if so,

Andrew Miklic

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