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Re: Cross-compiler for HURD/Alpha?

From: Andrew M. Miklic
Subject: Re: Cross-compiler for HURD/Alpha?
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002 08:06:29 -0600
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Also, should anything specific need to be done to support a target
of a different architecture target for the HURD (i.e., alpha-gnu),
and if so, what?

I've never tried this, but here's a quick brainstorm of pieces you
might have to touch:

1) Gcc, to tell it that alpha-*-gnu is a valid target.  This shouldn't
be hard, since we're just a variant of *-linux-gnu most of the time.

Does this mean that I should just be able to do, for example:

   ./configure --target=alpha-gnu

The only file I could find that seemed to actually control "*-gnu" targets was gcc/config.gcc (there was a documented section there which seemd to show what to do to support HURD-based architectures--x86 and mips are already supported, apparently, according to the comments and the configuration statements), and I tried to make the appropriate changes to support alpha-gnu, but configure still complains about this geing an unsupported target...

Andrew Miklic

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