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[patch #1780] [Patch #1780] Make it possible to choose the visual and au

From: noreply
Subject: [patch #1780] [Patch #1780] Make it possible to choose the visual and audible bell
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2003 18:17:58 -0400
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Patch #1780 has been updated. 

Category: None
Status: Open
Summary: Make it possible to choose the visual and audible bell


Date: Thu 07/31/2003 at 22:13
By: marcus

Please use uppercase characters for enumerator values, ie BELL_OFF etc.

Instead using an enumerator, you could also just use a function pointer (ie, 0, 
cons_vcons_flash, or cons_vcons_bell).  That saves you the hassle to repeat the 
if in both places, although it obscures the code a bit.  Not sure if it is 
worth it, what do you think?

I don't think you want <strings.h>, but rather <string.h>.

Don't abbreviate copyright years.  It is 2003, not 03.

We should allow "--visual-bell=visual" and "--audible-bell=audible" for 
consistency and easier scripting.

When this is fixed, it can go in.  Please submit a revised patch.


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