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I think I want to help

From: arief#
Subject: I think I want to help
Date: Mon, 09 Aug 2004 13:18:12 +0700

Dear all,

How do I help to make GNU/Hurd reached 1.0 release ASAP? (I know, a
little bit of over-optimism ;-)) 

I don't have a clear clue of what is GNU/Hurd current status is. I've
checked hurd.gnu.org, debian-hurd page, hurd.gnufans.org, but all I can
found is progress info from one year ago. (even tasks and TODO file
seems like a little bit outdated).

Meanwhile I do think that not all of those info are up to date,
considering that many new info I can read on the mail-lists. 'Though
reading thru the mail-archive, can provide some helpful hints, it is a
pain in the brain to keep constantly do so just to get knowing how a
thing works in GNU/Hurd, or what is our current status really is.

I can get some scattered info that we are trying to use OSKIT-Mach now
(are we? howcome no debs for oskit-mach?), heading towards L4
microkernel. Some essential info I can get also about a need of pthread,
a real filesystem (ext2/ext3?), and porting lots of applications.

Being unable to access anon-CVS from office (or other net access beside
http and ftp), I don't know where I can get things working much further
then what I have now (gnumach and hurd from debian). 

So I guess my questions is this:

If I:
1. Can do C Programming (please read it as I think I can program in C),
2. Able to translate English to Indonesian Language
3. Knows HTML, PHP, SQL, and those sort of stuff you need to do Web
4. Love to see GNU/Hurd in release 1.0
5. Have quite of fast net access (I can download a CD image in 1 hour or
6. Think my patch for eepro100 in gnumach works ok (another guy confirm
With these restrictions:
1. I only have ftp and http access to the net (office policy) 
2. I don't know much about hardware/system programming beyond
serial/parallel port programming.
3. I knows only a little of assembly lang
4. Heck, I don't even own a computer now (this T30 is from my office)
5. Not much of free time

What can this poor guy do to help in GNU/Hurd development? Is it ok to
continue to develop using gnumach and hurd as found in debian

Can anyone post updated TODO/tasks list? For GNU/Hurd, and for Debian
distributions of GNU/Hurd? a contact person lists can also be very
useful, I believe.

I'm sorry if I don't offer much help.
If these questions waste your valuable time, just ignore them, and I'll
try to go forward by re-searching the mail-archive and googling around

Best Regards.

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