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from uche

From: uchekobo
Subject: from uche
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 15:48:57 -0700

Dear Ceo/Md,

My name is Uche Kobo the son of late Mr. Chima Kobo, I am still a student
of University of Lagos, Please I want you to help me in receiving my late
father's money in your account as your elder brother abroad.

My late father deposited the sum of U$20Million with a local bank here in
Nigeria ITT INTERNATIONA PLC my late father wanted to send the money to
his friend in USA unlucky to him he died and right now I don?t know my father?s
friend address in America who both of them did the deal.  All I want you
to do for me is to stand as his next of kin so that the bank will transfer
the money into your account without much question as my father elder brother.

Dear Ceo/Md, I know that this will be a surprised issue in standing for
my late father's money as my next of kin, the reason why is that if I should
go for the money as the only son of 23yrs old the federal goverment of Nigeria
will ask me how come about the money.

I know the rate of scam going on all over the world, but I am sending this
mail to you only as a help from you, all you have to do is to let me know
if you will be of assistance or not, as i will be metting you to your place
as soon as you receive the money and send some amount for me for my flight

I will be very happy if you can call the manager of the bank as soon as
you get my mail, and let him know that you want them to transfer your late
younger brother's money into the account you will forward to them, that
you can not be able to come down to Nigeria due to your job for anything
belowe is the information.
Mr Chima Kobo Account # 042/144398 amount is U$20million

The name of the bank manager is Mr Steve Atiku Telephone 234-1-475-14-39
call him and ask him what it will take to transfer your younger brother's
money which is my late father MR.CHIMA KOBO into your account or email them
at  bankers@cosmo.com  make sure that you call me before contacting them
for very vital information

Finaly, i got your email address when searching the internet looking for
Please dont take this offer as a joke or sitting on top of the money if
transferred into your account.

Waiting for your call, pls send me a mail at: uchekobo1@katamail.com
Yours son

Uche Kobo
House Phone: 234-80-331-27-410

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