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Re: rc & runsystem

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: rc & runsystem
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2004 01:49:45 +0100

   > This is getting silly, maybe I should just ask for that
   > branch... :-)

   Making a stink because you don't want to type
   --disable-install-runsystem in configure commands when doing your
   own hacking is what's silly.

It was a joke, lighten up...

   The vanilla use of make install is to populate an empty $(prefix)
   directory with a pristine, complete, vanilla system.

I only talked about a already populated $(prefix) in which case these
files might exist already.  I agree that an empty $(prefix) should get
these files installed, and I never said otherwise.

   If you want to use make install for overwriting existing stuff
   selectively, you should expect to have to use some configure or
   make tweak to get that to happen.

Yes, and this is _exactly_ what OVERRIDE_CONF does, and what my second
patch does.  It overwrites existing stuff selectivley if and only if
OVERRIDE_CONF is t; otherwise it doesn't overwrite anything that
already exists.  If it doesn't exist, it gets installed as usual.

Or did you mean "not to overwrite existing stuff"?  If you didn't then
we both agree, and this whole discussion was pointless.

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