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Re: GSoC application deadline passed

From: Arne Babenhauserheide
Subject: Re: GSoC application deadline passed
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008 12:26:30 +0100
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El Sunday, 16 de March de 2008 20:55:08 olafBuddenhagen@gmx.net escribió:
> > But there is something I direly miss in the HURD, and that doesn't
> > have anything to do with its actual code, but with how it can be
> > accessed and seen.
> >
> > When we had the HURD in my informatics class, one task was to find out
> > information about the HURD, and as I searched for information on the
> > current state of the HURD, it looked quite dead.
> That's interesting. When was that class, and where?

It was in 2006 in Heidelberg: Informatics 3: Operating Systems and Networking. 
-> http://pvs.informatik.uni-heidelberg.de/Teaching/bsnw-0607.html

> As you seem to be quite new here, you are probably not aware of this;
> but the reason we have no releases is not really because it's too much
> effort. Rather, it's because most influential people here either do not
> care, or actively dislike the idea of making a release. 

I'm not that new anymore. I joined the list about 2006 during that informatics 
class, because I realized that the ideas behind the Hurd fit with what I 
believe: It should be possible for users to add system services dynamically, 
because a computer should restrict its users as little as possible - instead 
it should be a product increasing our freedom - and I am not free in changing 
my computer as i want it, if I have to hope for some kernel hackers to 
integrate a new piece of software into the kernel, so I can use it - or for 
someone to patch the kernel for each new release to add the feature I need.

> More public awareness might have not only positive effects; but without
> awareness, we simply *can't* find new developers, and thus *can't*
> create a much improved system.
> But well, who cares what I think about that anyways...

Me? :-)

And I think, that you're right. 

Maybe it would be possible to get the best of two worlds: "Avoiding a really 
late and still incomplete release" and "having regular releases" by just 
visibly featuring the Debian distribution along with livecds, qemu images and 
news on the Hurd pages. 

"""The Debian/Hurd just released the K17 version, closely tracking the 
progress of the Hurd. 

You can get a current version at <debian page with livecds and qemu images>

Major integrated changes include: 

* Hurd: Feature 1
* Hurd: Feature 2

* Hurd: Fix 1
* Hurd: Fix 2

* Debian:  Feature 1
* Debian:  Feature 2

* Debian:  Fix 1
* Debian:  Fix 2

Debian GNU/Hurd contains the Hurd kernel, the GNU tools and about half the 
packages from Debian unstable. 

The Hurd supplies the last major software component needed for a complete GNU 
operating system as originally conceived by Richard M. Stallman (RMS) in 
1983. The GNU vision directly drove the creation and has guided the evolution 
of the Free Software Foundation, the organization that is the home of the GNU 

Looks rather nice and active, I think. 

It preserves the current status: "The Hurd doesn't do releases until it is 
mostly feature complete" while putting out news and promoting the work of the 
Debian people as well as the advances inside the Hurd. 

Would it be OK to add links to teh guide for qemu images to the Debian 
GNU/Hurd page? 

I think that would be useful, because those use the Debian GNU/Hurd 

> As for automatically building live CDs and/or qemu images, this would be
> very useful -- maybe that part is indeed an appropriate task for GSoC.
> But as others pointed out, there are often issues with building a
> working system that require manual intervention; so it's questionable
> how far this process can really be automated... I think this needs some
> more consideration.

Maybe some people with more background knowledge could add their feedback 

Would it be possible to simplify the process _a lot_ with the right tools? 

> > PPPS: About the application form: Please remember that there's a 7500
> > char limit on the application, so students should maybe provide links
> > to specifics at other places.
> Yeah, I thought about it at some point, but had too much other things on
> my mind...
> That's precisely the kind of input I hoped for before the deadline; now
> it's too late to change it :-( Remains to hope that google itself will
> place the information prominently...

I just added that information to the student application form, so it should be 
visible to students. 

It isn't really prominent in the Google FAQ (I searches a bit before posting 
it here, sonce I remembered there was some limit but not exactly which).  

And I think it might be right on time, since the student application time 
didn't start yet. 

Best wishes, 
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Heißt politisch sein
Ohne es zu merken. 
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