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SoC HURD projects

From: Nirmal Thacker
Subject: SoC HURD projects
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2008 19:08:53 -0400


This is concerning the Google Summer of Code 2008, HURD projects:
*Improved NFS implementation
*Disk I/O performance tuning

I'd like to know more to make a stronger proposal which is due by the
end of this week.

To keep it short and , not take up time of a busy mailing list, I am a
student of Georgia Institute of technology and  I have done a project
previously in the linux kernel which allowed the creation of user
level filesystems and it was efficient in that the data was allocated
contiguously, it was async i/o, prefetch caching was eliminated and
the user could determine what blocks to cache. There was much
flexibility given to the programmer of such a filesystem. Hence the
disk i/o performance
tuning project interests me in the fact that it requires some kind of
optimization to
an existing filesystem , hence would require some coding, benchmarking
and further tweaking and pushing the benchmarks to their limits

It would be great to know the goals of these 2 projects, and obtain some
readings, code snippets .

Nirmal Thacker

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