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state updates on porting of dde linux26

From: Da Zheng
Subject: state updates on porting of dde linux26
Date: Tue, 11 May 2010 09:35:34 +0800
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I'm testing the porting of DDE Linux26 with different types of NIC drivers on
VMWare and qemu. I tested pcnet32, ne2k-pci, rtl8139, e1000. pcnet32 works in
both VMWare and qemu. Only qemu emulates ne2k-pci and rtl8139 cards and both DDE
drivers work well in qemu.

The odd thing occurs to e1000. VMWare and qemu both emulate e1000. DDE e1000
doesn't work in VMWare but work quite well in qemu. I don't know why.

All code (DDE Linux26 and modified gnumach) is in the dde branch of incubator
and in master-user_level_drivers branch of the gnumach repository. I appreciate
if someone can help me test the drivers in a real machine or test other NIC
drivers. Instructions to build and run drivers can be found at

Best regards,
Zheng Da

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