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Re: RPC user stub libraries

From: Thomas Schwinge
Subject: Re: RPC user stub libraries
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2010 08:59:35 +0200
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On Mon, Jul 19, 2010 at 02:06:21PM -0700, Thomas Bushnell, BSG wrote:
> >   * What's the reason for having a libmachuser / libhurduser be part of
> >    glibc?

> Given the need for the libraries, they have to be built somewhere.

Obviously.  :-)

> you still need the function to exist, so
> that people can take the address of it.

But: that's the part I'm wondering about.  In which places in the source
code is this actually needed, and couldn't easily be rewritten to cope
with inlined RPC stubs?


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