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Expecting to miss the next meeting

From: Jeremie Koenig
Subject: Expecting to miss the next meeting
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2010 00:33:26 -0400
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10:30 UTC is 6:30 in my current timezone, my cell phone does not work
here, and I have not yet put my hands on an alarm clock... As a result
I'm probably going to miss one more meeting.

As a poor substitute I'll go through the usual points in this email.

Administrative stuff: nothing that I can think of.

Progress since last time:
  * I have done some progress on the console and as far as I can tell it
    can display all of the languages which bogl-bterm supports;
  * All of my busybox patches should be integrated upstream very soon.
  * I have setup my laptop so that I have some available space to do
    test installations.

Stuff I'm going to do:
  * On the laptop in question, the installer hangs at boot, possibly in
    /libexec/console-run or just before it's started (the last thing
    which is printed is "auth"). I still have to find out what the
    problem is.
  * Put together a cross-platform busybox package, based on the latest
    upstream code. Maybe I can take advantage of my presence at Debconf
    to work on this with Aurelien Jarno.
  * Arthur Liu (Debian GSoC coordinator) asked us to put together slides
    for the Debconf GSoC talk scheduled for Monday. I have not yet

I'll join #hurd tomorrow as soon as possible, and will be sure to be
equipped appropriately next Monday.
Jérémie Koenig <jk@jk.fr.eu.org>

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