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Re: Compiling ext2fs.static with pthreads

From: Thomas Thomas
Subject: Re: Compiling ext2fs.static with pthreads
Date: Thu, 10 May 2012 13:52:37 -0700 (PDT)

Some notes here, now that I've thought some more and done some more:

>> I caught the output of make to get the full compile command and added
>> ../libpthread/cancel-cond.o into it manually, and saved it as a shell script.
>> Barry, or someone, rewrote cancel-cond.c from cthreads into a pthreads one.

>Ah, OK, so that's only an infrastructure issue, which indeed should be
>fixed properly at some point.

I figured out why I needed to include the one object file: the libpthread.a 
script was linking to the system libpthread2, instead of the libpthread2 that I 
built. Forcing it to build with that breaks it. I doesn't work as a translator 
The system libpthread2... should be the Debian one, either from the image,
or from hurd-20120408 (which installed when I asked for hurd-dbg and libc-dbg).
Now, the translator gets into __pthread_setup and dies there with an assertion
failure: invalid port (thread: it just called __thread_set_pcsptp).

On the bright side, now trying to boot with it and trying to use it as a 
both crash at the same point. That should make it easier to figure out what's
going on, when I have more time.

Sorry to get your hopes up,
Thomas D

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