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Re: Inappropriate output from /hurd/mtab

From: Justus Winter
Subject: Re: Inappropriate output from /hurd/mtab
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2014 14:43:16 +0200
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Hi David :)

Quoting david@4pane.co.uk (2014-08-28 22:23:30)
> Running '/hurd/mtab /some/mountpoint/' correctly outputs the mount details.
> However trying with a non-mountpoint still emits a result:
>  ~:/hurd/mtab /any/dir/
>  /dev/hd0s2 /any/dir ext2fs <various options>
> where /dev/hd0s2 is '/'. This is probably not intended behaviour.

Why not?  It shows information about the translator the node resides
on.  Similarly on Linux, df /bin shows information about my root

> There's also a less important issue: when there's no mountpoint, stderr is
> spammed by hundreds of lines of the form:
> /hurd/mtab: /any/path/dev/hd3s12 No such file or directory
> or
> /hurd/mtab: /any/path/servers/socket/26 No such file or directory
> It seems that the filepaths of all the files known to mtab (which seems to 
> mean
> the whole of /dev/ in particular) get appended to the target dir, and not 
> found.
> This information is unlikely to be useful to most people.

Yes, this is clearly a bug.  I'll send some patches shortly.


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