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Re: workflow with Debian patches and Git repositories

From: Kalle Olavi Niemitalo
Subject: Re: workflow with Debian patches and Git repositories
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2016 10:25:30 +0300
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"Brent W. Baccala" <cosine@freesoft.org> writes:

> You tack a .git directory onto the unpacked Debian source package?

Sure.  Maybe I could just check out a work tree and build
packages from that but I seem to recall that I had some
difficulty with .pc/ that way.

> It looks to me like that Debian git tree contains an unpacked snapshot of
> the savannah git tree.  Various commits there are labeled "new upstream
> snapshot"; I suppose that's how changes to savannah get imported?

I somehow assumed that the hurd_0.8.git*.orig.tar.bz2 files would
be made with "make dist", i.e. they would contain ChangeLog files
generated from Git commit logs, but I was wrong.
"bunzip2 | git get-tar-commit-id" finds commit IDs from all the
hurd_*.orig*.tar.bz2 files, so they are apparently generated with
plain "git archive".

> How does the Debian source package actually get built?  Is there a script?

I don't know.  There are debian/make-new-orig.sh and
debian/make-new-tarball.sh but those do not seem to do all the

> I was just reading about "git-buildpackage", which manages
> Debian patches by converting them back and forth to git patches on a
> dedicated branch.

I have used git-buildpackage in an unrelated project.  I didn't
try to use that on the Hurd because the Debian Hurd Git history
has diverged from the upstream Hurd Git history, and the format
of files in hurd-*/debian/patches shows that they were not made
by git-buildpackage.

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