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Re: [PATCH x4 gnumach: IOAPIC fixes]

From: Samuel Thibault
Subject: Re: [PATCH x4 gnumach: IOAPIC fixes]
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2021 12:01:12 +0200
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Applied, thanks!

Damien Zammit, le lun. 05 avril 2021 15:29:12 +1000, a ecrit:
> [PATCH 1/4] ioapic: Enable processor focus to BSP
> [PATCH 2/4] ioapic: target first processor for interrupts
> [PATCH 3/4] Don't call EOI on spurious interrupts
> These three patches are pretty much no-brainers following
> the Intel datasheet regarding 82489DX.
> [PATCH 4/4] ioapic: Use irq specific EOI properly when detected
> This one was pieced together from all kinds of sources,
> but for some reason the QEMU emulation of IOAPIC doesn't like it
> with has_irq_specific_eoi initialized to zero, therefore I have
> changed it to always be 1 with a FIXME.
> Damien

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