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betatesting and coder rectruiting

From: frater n
Subject: betatesting and coder rectruiting
Date: Sun, 4 Dec 2022 12:47:19 -0300

My name is (Virgilio) Leonardo Ruilova, I come from Chile, I am a physically disabled final user 

I use only touch screen, I can't use keyboard or mouse

I would like to design measures and campaigns to recruit volunteers for GNU HURD

Final users don't notice the similar technology between GNU MACH and Apple MACH 

The betatesting community are the only final users able to contribute to GNU HURD project

I see the need to show in a simple, elegant and minimamistic web page, a degree of compatibility between:

Debian GNU Linux binaries and GNU HURD

GTK software and GNU HURD 

NetBSD drivers and GNU HURD 

RAM lower than 1 GB is optimal in a hardware recicling campaign

Best regards
Leonardo Ruilova 

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