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libtool 1.5 case-sensitivity bug in ltdl

From: David Kulp
Subject: libtool 1.5 case-sensitivity bug in ltdl
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2004 16:13:35 -0500

Given a file:


and I use ltdl to call


then I will get a valid lt_handle to libFoo.la, but the module *name* will remain "libfoo".

Module symbol lookups using lt_dlsym() will fail because lt_dlsym will try to match foo_LTX_sym instead of Foo_LTX_sym.

In short, either lt_dlopen should be case sensitive or the module name should be set according to the filename.

I'm using libtool 1.5 on darwin.

Hope this is useful.


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