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Re: [libtool 2.1a] testsuite: 5 15 failed (fwd)

From: Gerrit P. Haase
Subject: Re: [libtool 2.1a] testsuite: 5 15 failed (fwd)
Date: Fri, 01 Jul 2005 15:59:04 +0200
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Chris Oxenreider wrote:

Hmmm, I am confused.  Does that mean that in future releases of
libtool it is the default for Cygwin that undefined symbols are
allowed?  This cannot work AFAIK because the linker chokes if the
symbols cannot be resolved during linking.

From the log number 3:
/bin/sh /home/c.g.oxenrider/working/phpstuff/php-5.0.4/libtool --silent
--preserve-dup-deps --mode=link gcc -g -O2  -rpath
/home/c.g.oxenrider/working/phpstuff/php-5.0.4/libs -avoid-version
-module   ext/libxml/libxml.lo ext/ctype/ctype.lo ext/dom/php_dom.lo
[...more object files...]
sapi/apache/php_apache.lo main/internal_functions.lo -lcrypt -lcrypt
-lresolv -lm -lxml2 -lz -liconv -lm -lxml2 -lz -liconv -lm -lxml2 -lz
-liconv -lm -lcrypt -lxml2 -lz -liconv -lm -lcrypt  -o libphp5.la
libtool: link: warning: undefined symbols not allowed in i686-pc-cygwin
shared libraries

Stop the build at this point and try to call the same command with
-no-undefined added between -avoid-version and -module and see if you
get a shared PHP library.

Anyway, I see things like this in the second log:

# Generated by ltmain.sh - GNU libtool 1.4.3 (1.922.2.111 2002/10/23

So you're obviously not using the libtool that is released for
Cygwin which you should use, nor is it any newer version available
from CVS.

As stated above, undefined symobols are not possible on Windows.
You must use a recent version of libtool, I prefer the latest
libtool-devel package that was released for Cygwin and is available
via Cygwin Setup, and you must add the flag -no-undefined to the
LDFLAGS if libraries are created.


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