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Can't build Win32 DLL that links with static libraries

From: Neil Roberts
Subject: Can't build Win32 DLL that links with static libraries
Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2008 19:24:22 +0000
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I'm using libtool to cross-compile a Windows DLL (Clutter) from a
Linux box. The Windows version of the library depends on a static
library called libGLee. This works fine in older versions of libtool
but in the version in my Ubuntu installation (1.5.24) it resorts to
building a static library with a warning about libGLee.

As I understand it, when linking a shared library libtool checks
whether all of the dependencies are found and that they are valid
libraries. In the old version of libtool it just did this using
objdump which reports the same string regardless of whether the
library it finds is static or an import library. However in the new
version it will use func_win32_libid if the 'file' command is
available. That function returns a different string depending on
whether the library is static or import. The regular expression that
is tested on this string only accepts import libraries which makes it
imposible to link against static libraries.

Is this intentional? Why would you want to stop people linking against
static libraries?

I've attached a patch which fixes it for my by just allowing it to
match against static libraries as well.

- Neil

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