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lt_dlopenadvise documentation missing

From: Anton Ertl
Subject: lt_dlopenadvise documentation missing
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2008 21:27:59 +0200 (CEST)

The function lt_dlopenadvise is mentioned several times in the
documentation, but is not documented.

      host-triplet:     x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
      shell:            /bin/sh
      compiler:         gcc
      compiler flags:           -g -O2
      linker:           /usr/bin/ld -m elf_x86_64 (gnu? yes)
      libtool:          (GNU libtool) 2.2.2
      automake:         automake (GNU automake) 1.9.6
      autoconf:         autoconf (GNU Autoconf) 2.61

- anton

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