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bug#13414: Valid DLL def file mangled by libtool

From: Peter Rosin
Subject: bug#13414: Valid DLL def file mangled by libtool
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2013 23:29:41 +0100
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close 13414


On 2013-01-22 19:45, Erik van Pienbroek wrote:
> Erik van Pienbroek schreef op zo 20-01-2013 om 15:54 [+0100]:
>> Peter Rosin schreef op zo 20-01-2013 om 08:32 [+0100]:
>>> But I will hold off the push a couple of days pending feedback from
>>> those actually using .def files for real things.
>> Thanks for the patch. To help out with testing I can perform a test mass
>> rebuild of all mingw packages which are currently in Fedora (about 135)
>> against a libtool package which contains this patch. With this mass
>> rebuild we can at least find out whether the patch introduces
>> regressions or not. Running such a test mass rebuild will take about 36
>> hours to complete, so I'll give an update in about 2 days.
> The test mass rebuild of all Fedora MinGW packages against the latest
> libtool with the proposed patches was successful. The packages which
> required workarounds in order to get built can now be built without
> these workarounds, so the original issue is resolved with the proposed
> patches. All other packages were rebuilt successfully as well, so from
> my point of view I'm +1 to the proposed patches.

Ok, that's good enough for me!  Thanks again for testing.

The patches tested by Erik where slightly different from the ones I
posted. I did the whitespace changes in a separate patch and fixed the
copyright year thing spotted by Gary. I also changed

        IFS=' ''



The patches tested where also slightly different from the ones I
actually pushed. The pushed version does not have the unneeded quotes
in the above assignment and I changed one instance of

        if ! foo; then


        foo || {

since "if ! foo" isn't as portable according to Autoconf docs.

Anyway, those last changes are all harmless, I'm just putting all
cards on the table just in case...


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