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Re: VoltaBracket bug and Lyrics bug

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: VoltaBracket bug and Lyrics bug
Date: Sat, 05 Jan 2002 20:17:57 +0100

> I found 2 bugs in Lilypond 1.4.9.uu1:
> 1. When I use '\property Staff.VoltaBracket = \turnOff' Lilypond says it 
> can't find a 'property type-check' for 'VoltaBracket'. It works Ok though. 
> I've tried different way of spelling, like 'voltaBracket', but then Lilypond 
> doesn't remove the brackets.

The warning is harmless. In the latest development versions 
(1.5.26- ), the implementation of volta brackets has been 
corrected so they are only typeset for the top stave, so
you have a good reason to look forward to next stable series, 

> 2. When I use a lyric-extender '--' on the last note of a bar the extender 
> is treated as a note with the duration of the syllable it's attached to. (I 
> believe Mats Bengtson said it was fixed in 1.4.9.uu1, but it isn't.)

I don't think I said. Anyway, the bug still exists also in 1.5.28, 
try for example the following modified version of 

    \context Staff \notes { c () c () c c | 
      c () c () c c }
    \context Lyrics \lyrics { bla __ alb xxx yyy ___ 
      bla alb xxx __ yyy }


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