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Re: still lyrics

From: Glen Prideaux
Subject: Re: still lyrics
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2002 16:37:31 +0800
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Han-Wen wrote:

address@hidden writes:
Han-Wen wrote:

. Playing with the `alignment' property, I expect that text is
  always centered below the corresponding notes for value 0.  But it
  isn't in all cases!  Why not?  This looks like a bug.  See
  attached image.
.. for the moment I'm gladly leaving this to Glen who wrote the code.

It sounds like you're encountering the lyric-phrasing-engraver. This is intended to automatically adjust the alignment of lyrics of songs with multiple stanzas. It makes the first syllable of a phrase left aligned, and the last right aligned, detecting phrases by punctuation. If you don't want this, set the property Score.automaticPhrasing to false.

Stupid question, but can we detect this automaticall? I'd say that
good behavior for single lyrics should be default.
I think it's just a matter of changing a comparison in syllable-group.cc so that set_lyric_align() does nothing unless a note has more than one lyric. I'll do some testing to confirm this works before I submit a patch.


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