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doc 2.4.2

From: linlists
Subject: doc 2.4.2
Date: Sun, 06 Feb 2005 23:27:51 +0100
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9.2 Integrating LaTeX and music


LilyPond does not use the LaTeX font handling scheme for lyrics and text markups; it uses the EC font family and

... and what? :-)

the docs in the unstable branch read the following - I guess it's worth the effort to correct the stable 2.4.2. documentation, since its original text is likely to disappear when 2.5 docs get improved -

kind regards,


LilyPond does not use the LaTeX font handling scheme for lyrics and text markups; it uses the EC font family and has limited support for selecting an input encoding with the \encoding keyword if the output is directly processed (these limitations primarily affect LilyPond's native PostScript output). With lilypond-book, the encoding issues are completely handled by the document which includes LilyPond snippets; lilypond outputs all text strings without modification. The drawback is that LilyPond always applies the EC font metrics to those strings for computing the locations within the music snippets; this often causes unpleasant horizontal (and vertical) shifts. With other words, support for encodings other than latin-1 is possible but usually yields badly positioned text. Future versions of LilyPond will fix this.

Since latin-1 is the default encoding for LilyPond markup and lyrics it is not necessary to explicitly add \encoding "latin1" to LilyPond snippets. You might also consider the use of \encoding "TeX" instead which basically makes LilyPond skip TeX commands (starting with a backslash) and braces in text strings – it is not recommended, though, since LilyPond gives only a rough approximation to the real string length.

As a corrolary of the last paragraphs the following two lines should be present in the LaTeX document preamble


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