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Re: Staff switch line (documentation?) bug

From: Han-Wen Nienhuys
Subject: Re: Staff switch line (documentation?) bug
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2005 21:58:41 +0100

address@hidden writes:
> On 22-Feb-05, at 7:01 AM, Yuval Harel wrote:
> > Sorry, this still seems wrong to me.
> >
> > First, PianoStaff.followVoice=##t usually does not produce voice  
> > followers where the staff is not switched. When it behaves well it is  
> > still a useful feature, and should be documented. Also, I think the  
> > behavior I've shown should still be considered a bug.
> >
> > Second, the new example given in the documentation  
> > (http://lilypond.org/doc/v2.5/Documentation/user/out-www/lilypond/ 
> > Staff-switch-lines.html) is misleading, and IMO bad style. The  
> > property is set before the context in which it belongs is  
> > instantiated. If I understand correctly, this only works because the  
> > staff and voice context are unnamed. Someone not yet familiar with  
> > \set commands will expect this example to always work throughout the  
> > piano staff. But it won't have effect outside the main voice, and will  
> > produce an unexpected extra Staff if the first staff is named (it  
> > probably is going to be named eventually, if the piece has any staff  
> > switches in the opposite direction).
> Sorry, I'm lost here.  Anybody else want to comment on this?  On a  
> question of
> style, or programming, or documentation?

Yuval is right,

  \set followVoice= ##t

within Staff is equivalent to

   \context Voice = ""
      \set Voice.followVoice= ##t

if it is followed by

   \new Voice { c4 .. }

then the setting doesn't affect the notes, since it happens in a
different voice (the first one being Voice="", the second one being

Similarly, if it is followed by \new Staff, you'd get an extra staff.

Proper style would be

\new PianoStaff 
   \new Staff {
      \set followVoice= ##t


  \new PianoStaff 
   \new Staff <<
       \new Voice {
         \set followVoice= ##t

 Han-Wen Nienhuys   |   address@hidden   |   http://www.xs4all.nl/~hanwen 

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