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Re: How to delete page numbers?

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: How to delete page numbers?
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2005 16:09:29 +0200
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The basic idea is that \paper{...} should contain
settings that relate to the paper layout of the full
document. Similarly \layout{...} should contain settings
for score layout, which could be changed from score to
score within the same document. For example, leftmargin
is a typical paper variable whereas betweensystemspace
is a typical layout variable.

As far as I know, a \layout{...} block can be placed either
on the top level or within a \score{...}. In the former case,
it applies to all subsequent \score{...} blocks whereas it
only applies to the current score in the latter case.

As an exception, I think that if you only have one \layout{...}
section on the top level, then it applies to all \score sections,
not only to those that appear later in the file.

So, something like

\score {
}%end score
\score {
\layout{betweensystemspace = 2.50\in}
}%end score
should probably work.


Fairchild wrote:
Graham -

Section "7.5.11 Page layout" lists settings for the \paper block, but doesn't indicate just how to use the \paper block: where in the structure to put it and where it applies. I don't find anything similar for the \layout block.

In version 2.0, \paper settings within \score could be changed within and for an associated \score. For example, I normally want to repeat a score in a different clef or key, needing different vertical spacing to fit the page nicely. Now, in version 2.4.3, I can't find a combination of \score, \layout, and \paper blocks that don't use, globally, one setting for each parameter.

At least one minimally complex example in the documentation would be useful. Here's code I've been playing with, unsuccessfully.

                    - Bruce


\version "2.4.3"
#(set-default-paper-size "letter")
                                                STUFF = {
                                        \relative c'' {
c1 c c c \break c c c c \break c c c c \break c c c c \break
c1 c c c \break c c c c \break c c c c \break c c c c \break
c1 c c c \break c c c c \break c c c c \break c c c c \break
c1 c c c \break c c c c \break c c c c \break c c c c
                                        }%end relative
                                                }%end STUFF
                                                \paper {
printpagenumber    = ##f
leftmargin         = 0.50\in
linewidth          = 7.50\in
indent             = 0.00\in
topmargin          = 0.50\in
bottommargin       = 0.50\in
                                                }%end paper
                                                \score {
                                                }%end score
                                        \paper {
betweensystemspace = 2.50\in
                                        }%end paper
                                                \score {
                                                }%end score


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Subject: Re: How to delete page numbers?

On 16-Apr-05, at 9:47 AM, Fairchild wrote:
 In self defense, I claim the \paper \layout saga is pretty cryptic:
 when to
 use which, where, and how.

How would you modify the docs to clarify this?

- Graham Percival, Lilypond Documentation Editor

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