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RE: How to delete page numbers?

From: Fairchild
Subject: RE: How to delete page numbers?
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2005 15:51:23 -0500

As usual, Mats is right on.

Paul is also perceptive in recognizing that the documentation needs more
specificity.  It seems that a \layout within a \score accepts all the rather
well documented \paper commands but ignores most of them.  Section 7.5.11
"Page layout" could give more detail, especially all default values.
Section 4.7.1 "Additional parameters" seems to list \layout commands, but
that's not clear.  Now, using these blocks requires much trial and error.

I believe the User Manual would be improved with more complete information
for \paper, \layout and also "set" commands applicable to page layout.

                                     - Bruce

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Subject: Re: How to delete page numbers?

Mats Bengtsson wrote:

> The basic idea is that \paper{...} should contain
> settings that relate to the paper layout of the full document. 
> Similarly \layout{...} should contain settings for score layout, which 
> could be changed from score to score within the same document. For 
> example, leftmargin is a typical paper variable whereas 
> betweensystemspace is a typical layout variable.
> As far as I know, a \layout{...} block can be placed either on the top 
> level or within a \score{...}. In the former case, it applies to all 
> subsequent \score{...} blocks whereas it only applies to the current 
> score in the latter case.
> As an exception, I think that if you only have one \layout{...} 
> section on the top level, then it applies to all \score sections, not 
> only to those that appear later in the file.
> So, something like
> \score {
>   \STUFF
> }%end score
> \score {
> \layout{betweensystemspace = 2.50\in}
> }%end score
> should probably work.

If that isn't in the manual it should be.

Paul Scott

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