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raggedbottom question

From: Paul Scott
Subject: raggedbottom question
Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2005 10:17:01 -0700
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Attached is a possibly long awaited example of what seems to me to be a
problem with raggedbottom.  With raggedbottom and raggedlastbottom both
set to #t I would expect the music to be right under the header instead
of at the bottom of the page.  If not what values of these variables
would give me what I expect?  This was tested with 2.4.5.

Paul Scott

\version "2.4.5"

\include "../common21.ly"

\header {
  title = "Ragged Test"

  raggedbottom = #t
  raggedlastbottom = #t
  betweensystemspace = .05\in
  betweensystempadding = .2\in
  interscoreline = .02\in
global = {
                                %\set Score.restNumberThreshold = #0
  \time 4/4
  \bar "|."
i = \relative c'' { r4 e4( e f g2 a4 g c,4. d8 e2~e4) }
ii = \relative c'' { 
  e4( f g1) r4 a( c4. d8 e1) r2 f,8( g a c b4 c d2) r4 g,( c4. d8 e2) 
flute = \relative c'' {
  \key f \major 
  R1*11 r2 r8 c f g c4. d8 c4. d8 c4. d8 c4. d8 
  ef f ef d c d c bf a bf a g f g f d R1*25 
  c16 c, d e f g a bf c d e f g a bf c d 
  c a bf g a f g e g e f d e c d bf
i = \relative c' { r4 e e f g g a g c,4. d8 e2~ e2. c4 f f f f }
ii = \relative c' { \i e4 d c4. e8 d1~d \i e2. c4 }
voice =  \relative c' {
  \set Score.skipBars = ##t
  \key f \major 
  R1 r2 r4 c c'4. d8 c2~c4. d8 c4. bf8 a1 %6
  r2 r4 c, a'4. bf8 a2~a4. bf8 a4. g8 f2 r4 < c bf f >
  < ef bf g c, >1 < d bf g c, >1 < c a f f, >1 
piano = \relative c, {
  \key f \major %piano
  \clef bass f8 c' f g \clef treble
  << { r8 c f g < c a g e >2
        } \\ 
     { a,2 f8 c' f g a2 } >>

words = \lyricmode {

  indent = 0.5 \in
  \context { \RemoveEmptyStaffContext }

\score { 
    \new StaffGroup <<
      \context Staff = clarinet <<
        \set staff.instrument = "Flute"
        \global \flute
      \context Lyrics = all { s1 }
      \context Staff = voices <<
        \context Voice = all << \global \voice >>
                                %\set staff.instrument = "Voices"
                                %\context Lyrics \lyricsto all { \words }
      \context Lyrics = all \lyricsto all \words
      \context Staff = piano <<
        \set staff.instrument = "Piano"
        \global \piano 

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