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Lilypond 2.7.1 Manual 3.7.3

From: Sven Axelsson
Subject: Lilypond 2.7.1 Manual 3.7.3
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 11:20:28 +0200

I am sending this again since the example of bagpipe music in the 2.7 manual
looks even stranger than it did in the 2.6 version.

The example of bagpipe music is not notationally correct. All melody notes
should have stems down and all grace notes stems up. And more specifically,
the example music used (Flower of Scotland) is a very strange and atypical
setting. If that particular tune is to be used, here is a more "normal"
setting of it, using my bagpipe notation package mentioned below:

    \time 6/8
    \partial 8*1 a8
    \grg f4 e8 \thrwd d4.
    \gre a4. ~ a4 \grg a8
    \thrwd d4 f8 \dble e4. ~ 
    e4 d8 \slurd d4 e8
    \grg f4. ~ f4 \gre f8
    \dblg g8 f g \dblA A4.
    \thrwd d4. ~ d4 \gre a8
    \grg e4 \gra e8 \grg e d e
    \grg f4 g8 \tdblf f4 e8
    \thrwd d4. \gre a4. ~ 
    a4 f8 \dblg g f g
    \dblA A4. \thrwd d4. ~ 
    d4 f8 \dblg g f e
    \grg f4 e8 \thrwd d4. ~
    d4 \grG d8 \grg c4 e8
    \thrwd d4. ~ d4
    \bar "|."    

I have put together a pretty complete set of definitions for bagpipe music
which, together with lots of examples of bagpipe notation with Lilypond can be
found here:

P/S Sven Axelsson
The Murray Pipes & Drums of Gothenburg
www.svenax.net (personal), www.murrays.nu (band)

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