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Bug? - Different horizontal spacing in instrumentName and shortInstrumen

From: Risto Vääräniemi
Subject: Bug? - Different horizontal spacing in instrumentName and shortInstrumentName
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2008 12:57:03 +0200

Hi all,

On 05/03/2008, Risto Vääräniemi  wrote:
>  I noticed that versions 2.11.41 and .40 produce a different "padding" between
>  the instrument name and the staff depending if I use instrumentName or
>  shortInstrumentName.

It seems that the behaviour can be controlled by using setting:
\override Staff.InstrumentName #'self-alignment-X = #XXXX

If XXXX is replaced by RIGHT the output is as in .39. If LEFT or
CENTER are used only the shortInstrumentName is moved - the
instrumentName is not affected.

Should the self-alignment affect both? If yes, this might be a bug.
Could this patch have something to do with the issue:

The "gap" only appears if the short instrument name is very short (one
character). If it is longer the alignment works as usual.

Hopefully this helps in tracking down the source of the inconsistency.


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