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Re: cueing bug

From: Neil Puttock
Subject: Re: cueing bug
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2009 21:46:54 +0100

2009/9/9 Trevor Daniels <address@hidden>:

> This snippet is a little misleading.  By default 'quotedEvent Types is
> set to (note-event rest-event tie-event beam-event tuplet-span-event),
> not just (note-event rest-event).

Hmm, I guess it's been added to since the snippet's docstring was
originally written (it's probably lifted from a regression test).

I'll amend the snippet in LSR.

>  Might also be worth saying where
> the event types are listed (the list of Music classes in the IR seems
> the best list although it contains some events that are irrelevant to
> the printed output.)

Sure, though it's always a bit kludgy since we can't link directly.

> It's already rather long so it might be best to  simply say
> under Formatting cue notes that the music event types transferred
> into the cue notes are controlled by the quotedEventTypes property
> as shown in ...



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