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Re: Ottava too far from clef in \clef "F^8"

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Ottava too far from clef in \clef "F^8"
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2009 14:07:37 +0200
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This is weird! For alto clefs, \clef "C^8", the '8' is placed just on top of the stave, but for bass clefs it's separated for some strange reason. For octava indications below the clef, the placement is OK for all the clef symbols. I used \override Score.Clef #'stencil = #(make-stencil-boxer 0 0 ly:clef::print) to check the bounding box of the clef symbols, but it seems correct so I have no idea why this happens.

The problem existed already in version 2.10, so it's not related to the new spacing implementation in 2.12 or 2.13.

Extended test case:

\score {
\override Score.Clef #'stencil = #(make-stencil-boxer 0 0 ly:clef::print)
       \new Staff { \clef "G^8" g''1 }
       \new Staff { \clef "F^8" c'1 }
       \new Staff { \clef "C^8" c''1 }
       \new Staff { \clef "G_8" g1 }
       \new Staff { \clef "F_8" c,1 }
       \new Staff { \clef "C_8" c1 }
  \layout{ragged-right = ##t }


Peter Chubb wrote:
        The `8' is too far from the F clef with Lilypond 2.12.2 --
from the score, one cannot tell whether it belongs to the bass or
treble staves.

\version "2.12.2"
\score {
                \new Staff { g'1 }
                \new Staff { \clef "F^8" c'1 }

Produces this:


Peter C

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