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Re: Ottava too far from clef in \clef "F^8"

From: Reinhold Kainhofer
Subject: Re: Ottava too far from clef in \clef "F^8"
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2009 16:21:15 +0200
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Am Freitag, 18. September 2009 14:07:37 schrieb Mats Bengtsson:
> This is weird! For alto clefs, \clef "C^8", the '8' is placed just on
> top of the stave,

This looks very weird for a mid-line \clef "soprano^8", since the (smaller) 
clef on the lowest staff line will not even touch the middle staff line, but 
"8" is printed above the top staff line...

\score {
\override Score.Clef #'stencil = #(make-stencil-boxer 0 0 ly:clef::print)
\override Score.OctavateEight #'stencil = #(make-stencil-boxer 0 0 
        \new Staff { \clef "tenor_8" c1 \clef "soprano^8" g''1 }
   \layout{ragged-right = ##t }

> but for bass clefs it's separated for some strange
> reason. For octava indications below the clef, the placement is OK for
> all the clef symbols. 

Well, a mid-line \clef "tenor_8" has a similar problem as "soprano^8", 
although the space is not that large.
Also \clef "bass_8" has a very large space between the clef and the 8...

See the attached example with different clef changed in mid-line.

> I used \override Score.Clef #'stencil =
> #(make-stencil-boxer 0 0 ly:clef::print) to check the bounding box of
> the clef symbols, but it seems correct so I have no idea why this happens.

The bounding box of the OctavationEight are also correct...

Another think about the octavation is the horizontal alignment of the number: 
For the "treble_8" and the "bass^8", the 8 is too far to the right for my 
taste (it is centered, which does not look good with the clef shape!).


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