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"à" in title makes damaged pdf

From: yvand
Subject: "à" in title makes damaged pdf
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2013 23:52:48 +0000 (UTC)
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Hi lilypond developpers,

I wanted to type the well-known composition "Für Elise" in lilypond for a 
Unfortunately, the PDF generated by lilypond was damaged (according to evince,
gimp, inkscape)! After some tests, I found what was the problem.
The title was "Lettre à Élise" (translation in French of "Letter for Elise"),
and the character "à" in the title was the origin of the problem! (same problem
in other header fields)
It seems so odd, amazing for me that only this "special" character was the
problem. Indeed, other "special" characters (such as é, É, è, È, ç, Ç, ù, Ù, À
(à uppercase!) etc) works fine!

PS : Sorry for my bad English.

-- yvand

Below is an example of code that generates a damaged pdf :

\version "2.16.2"

  title = "Lettre à Élise"

melody = \relative c' {
  \clef treble \key c \major \time 3/4 \partial 4
  e'8 dis | e dis e b d c | a4. c,8 e a \bar "||"

\score {
  \new Staff \melody

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