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Re: partcombineChords affects preceding note, gives wrong output

From: Colin Hall
Subject: Re: partcombineChords affects preceding note, gives wrong output
Date: Sun, 03 Mar 2013 17:16:04 +0000
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Pavel Roskin writes:

> Hello!
> Following code gives incorrect output:
> \version "2.16.1"
> soprano = {
>    \partcombineApart g'8 \partcombineChords g'8
> }
> alto = {
>    c'16 [ c'16 ] c'8
> }
> \score {
>    \partcombine \soprano \alto
> }
> The first c'16 is drawn without a beam, the second c'16 has its beam  
> attached to the subsequent chord and has its stem up.  It means that  
> partcombineChords not only fails to produce the right output, but it  
> affects the notes that precede it in time.
> Replacing partcombineChords with partcombineAutomatic fixes the  
> problem.  That's weird because partcombineChords is meant to make  
> chords only, and it fails at that, whereas partcombineAutomatic is a  
> more complicated mode, and it makes a good looking chord.
> It would be a real problem when the parts are separated by more than  
> an octave.  partcombineAutomatic would draw the notes separately.   
> partcombineChords would be needed to produce a chord.
> The problems exists both in the current development version and 2.16.1.

Thanks for the report, Pavel.

I checked for existing issues against partCombine. There are some, but
your report seems to be distinct, so I created a new tracker.



Colin Hall

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