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missing bars

From: Katie Ganem
Subject: missing bars
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2013 00:50:40 -0500

For some reason when I compile the file I'm working on, bars of music are being 
omitted from the page.  I tried changing the margins, but it didn't seem to 
work.  I then tried inputting more music but it is not even showing up.  I've 
never had this problem with Lilypond before, so I'm not sure if its something 
I'm doing wrong.  But it doesn't come up with an error when I compile it.  

Here is the code I am using.  Attached is a screen shot of what is showing up 
when I compile it.

\book {
\paper {
        left-margin = .75\in
        right-margin = .75\in
  title = "Happily Ever After"
melody = 
\relative c' {
  \clef treble
  \key g \major
  \time 12/8

b8 c8 d8 d8 e8 d8 e4 g8 ~g8 f8 d8
b8 c8 d8 d8 e8 d8 bes4 a8~a8 gis8 a8
b8 c8 d8 d8 e8 d8 g8 d8 f8 e8 c8 e8 
g8 g8 g8 g8 fis8 g8 bes4 a8 ~ a4 g8
d8 d8 d8 d8 cis8 d8 g4 f8 ~ f8 g8 f8
e4 e8 r4. r8 r8 f8 ~ f4 d8
e4. r4. r4. r8 dis8 e8
f8 g8 f8 f8 e8 f8 a4. ~a8 f8 e8
d8 cis8 d8 g8 fis8 g8 g8 fis8 g8 bes8 g8 f8
g2. r2.
r2. r8 r8 bes8 a8 g8 f8
\key c \major
e8 c8 e8 f8 d8 f8 g8 e8 g8 f8 r8 dis8
e4 c8 r4. r8 r8 a8 b8 c8 d8
e8 c8 e8 f8 d8 f8 g8 e8 g8 f8 d8 f8
a2. r4 a8 g8 a8 g8
b8 g8 b8 g4 a8 r4. r8 r8 g8
bes8 g8 bes8 g4 a8 r4. r4.
r4 d,8 e8 g8 a8 r4 bes8 ~(bes8 a8) g8
r4. bes8. a8.~a2.

text = \lyricmode {
  Win i fred maid of the My re has but 
one sin gle hu man de si re Oh I 
ask for no more than two shoes on the floor next to 
Some one to fly and to float with To
 swim in the marsh and the moat with As for 
this one he'd be 
fine And I'm 
burn ing to bring it a bout If I
don't I'll be stuck with good bye and good luck and get
I want to get
in to some hap pi ly hap pi ly ev er
af ter I want to walk
hap pi ly out of the chap el e tern nal ly 
tied and then I'll be
hap pi ly hap py yes
hap pi ly hap py
and thour ough ly sat is
oh yeah!

upper = 
\relative c' {
  \clef treble
  \key g \major
  \time 12/8
  \time 12/8
  \set Staff.timeSignatureFraction = 4/4
    \scaleDurations 3/2{

<g b>4 (<e bes' d>8) r8 \grace dis'8 (<a e'>8) (<c g>8) \times 2/3 {r8 <c f 
bes>8 r8} 
<g b>4 (<e bes' d>8) r8 <fis bes>8 (<e a>4.)
<f b>4 (<g c>4 <a d>4 <g c>4)
\times 2/3 {r8 <g' d'> <bes d>}
%Voice 1                Voice 2
<< {\times 2/3 {d4 d8}} \\ {\times 2/3 {a16 bes16 a16 g8 e8}} >>
<g d>8 <bes d>8 ~<bes d>8 <a d>8
<bes, d ees g>4 <bes d ees g>4 <d es g>4 <d ees g>4
<f, a d>4 <f a d>4 <bes d g>4 <bes d f>4
<d e g' bes d e>8 <d e g bes d e>8 r4 r8 <gis, b f>4 (<f gis d>8)
<e g d' e>2 (<e, g cis e>) r8 r4
<a, d f>4 <bes d f>4 <b d f a>4 <bes d f>4
<g, c d>4 <a d g>4 <d g d'>4 <fis bes c f>4
r8 g'8 \times 2/3 {cis8 (d8 c8)} \grace a8 bes8 g8 ~\times 2/3 {g8 f8 (d8)}
\times 2/3 {r8 <e b' e'>8 <g d' g'>8} \times 2/3 {<a e' a'>8 <d g d'>8 <e b 
e'>8 } <g cis g'>8 <bes f bes'>8 \times 2/3 { <a a'>8 <g g'>8 <f f'>8}
<g, c e>4 <a d f>8 r8 <bes e g>4 <a d f>8 r8
<g c e>4 <a d f>8 r8 <bes e g>8. <bes e g>16 <a d f>4
\times 2/3 {e8 (c8 e8} \times 2/3  {f8 d8 f8} \times 2/3 { g8 e8 g8} \times 2/3 
{ f8 d8 f8)}
\times 2/3 {r8 <g, a cis f a> <g a cis f a>} \times 2/3 { <g a cis f a> <g a 
cis f a> <g a cis f a>} \times 2/3 { <g a cis f a> <g a cis f a> <g a cis f a>} 
\times 2/3 { <g a cis f a> <g a cis f a> <g a cis f a>}
<b d g b>4 <b d g b>8 r8 <b d g b>4 <b d g b>8 r8
<bes d e g bes>4 <bes d e g bes>8 \times 2/3 {<cis e g>8 g8 a8} \times 2/3  {<b 
b>8 <c c>8 <cis cis>8}
<c g a d'>4 r4 <f' bes d>4 r4
\times 2/3 {r8 <g,, g>8 <a a>8} \grace <ais ais>8 \times 2/3 {<b b>8 < d d>8 <e 
e>8} \times 2/3 { <g g>8 <bes' bes> <a a>} \grace a'8 \times 2/3 {<bes bes>8 <g 
g>8 <a a>8}
<d' g a d>8 r8 


lower = 
\relative c {
  \clef bass
  \key g \major
  \time 12/8
  \set Staff.timeSignatureFraction = 4/4
    \scaleDurations 3/2{

\score {
    \new Voice = "mel" { \autoBeamOff \melody }
    \new Lyrics \lyricsto mel \text
    \new PianoStaff <<
      \new Staff = "upper" \upper

      \new Staff = "lower" \lower
  \layout {
    \context { \Staff \RemoveEmptyStaves }
  \midi { }

\version "2.16.2"  % necessary for upgrading to future LilyPond versions.

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