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\new Voice copies inserted staff two times

From: Bernadette
Subject: \new Voice copies inserted staff two times
Date: Sat, 6 Jul 2013 07:42:25 +0000 (UTC)
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I need to create a Voice environment, because I want to use the balloon
engraver to annotate chords inside the staff.
I need only one staff, but get the staff engraved correctly once, and then
two times one octave lower.


 \new Voice \with {\consists "Balloon_engraver"}{
        <c-\balloonText#'(1 . -1) \markup {\tiny "Grundton" } 
f-\balloonText#'(3 .
0) \markup {\tiny "r. Quarte" } g-\balloonText#'(2.5 . 1) \markup {\tiny "r.
Quinte" }>1_\markup{Quartakkorde}
        <c-\balloonText#'(1 . -1) \markup {\tiny "Grundton" }
d-\balloonText#'(3 . 0) \markup {\tiny "gr. Sekunde" } g-\balloonText#'(2.5
. 1) \markup {\tiny "r. Quinte" }>
        <c-\balloonText#'(1 . -1) \markup {\tiny "Grundton" }
f-\balloonText#'(3 . 0) \markup {\tiny "r. Quarte" } bes-\balloonText#'(2.5
. 1) \markup {\tiny "kl. Septime" }>

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