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Re: whiteout bug

From: Eluze
Subject: Re: whiteout bug
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2013 14:38:59 -0700 (PDT)

Phil Holmes-2 wrote
> "Karol Majewski" <

> karol.majewsky@

> > wrote in message 
> news:CAH85bB0snHDt5GtKyjWGgeOMmWkKx=wrkZ=kLx=+qL2TXx0V=

> address@hidden

> ...
>> First note in the second bar is partially overlayed by whie box, which is
>> not what we want, do we?
> I wouldn't actually call it a bug.  It happens because lily now places 
> objects around text based on the actual shape of the text itself. 
> However, 
> the whiteout is purely a box, and so doesn't follow the same shape. 
> Simple 
> fix:
> \layout {
> \context {
> \Score
> \override TextScript.whiteout = ##t
> \override TextScript #'vertical-skylines = #'()
> }
> }

sorry I can't agree - version 2.17.18 gave a quite good result for both the
letters before and after the ascender!  test4.preview.png

but strangely if I change the code of the 1st staff to 

    \new Staff \relative c' {
      s4 s s <a' c d>4  _"whoooo"
      q8 q4 q8 q2

the flags and stems are cropped wit 2.17.18 too!  test4-2.preview.png

could this be a regression?


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