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Re: whiteout bug

From: Phil Holmes
Subject: Re: whiteout bug
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2013 09:20:18 +0100

"Eluze" <address@hidden> wrote in message news:address@hidden
Phil Holmes-2 wrote
"Karol Majewski" &lt;


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First note in the second bar is partially overlayed by whie box, which is
not what we want, do we?

I wouldn't actually call it a bug.  It happens because lily now places
objects around text based on the actual shape of the text itself.
the whiteout is purely a box, and so doesn't follow the same shape.

\layout {
\context {
\override TextScript.whiteout = ##t
\override TextScript #'vertical-skylines = #'()

sorry I can't agree - version 2.17.18 gave a quite good result for both the
letters before and after the ascender!  test4.preview.png

but strangely if I change the code of the 1st staff to

   \new Staff \relative c' {
     s4 s s <a' c d>4  _"whoooo"
     q8 q4 q8 q2

the flags and stems are cropped wit 2.17.18 too!  test4-2.preview.png

could this be a regression?


After 2.17.0, the staves are pushed together more than they were in 2.16.0, because of the way the text ("whooo") is skylined. As a result, the whiteout box occupies the same location as the descender from the quaver. For most of the 2.17.x builds, this results in the tail being slightly obscured. For one or two of the builds, it appears that the tail is placed in front of the whiteout box, for reasons I don't understand, although I do remember Keith saying that the order of placing whiteout and other grobs is not determinate and has led to odd regression test results.

I remain of the opinion this is, essentially, intended behaviour based on the use of skylines, and is easily changed, either by turning skylining off, or by including a little padding on the markup.

Phil Holmes
Bug Squad

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