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Re: quoteDuring music is not sent to midi file

From: Patrick Karl
Subject: Re: quoteDuring music is not sent to midi file
Date: Wed, 01 Apr 2015 14:36:24 -0500
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My original submission on this topic was garbled, so I am redoing it.

The Notation Manual is clear that quoteDuring is a convenience feature:

It is very common for one voice to use the same notes as those from another voice. For example, first and second violins playing the same phrase during a particular passage of the music. This is done by letting one voice quote the other, without having to re-enter the music all over again
for the second voice.

However, music so quoted is not sent to the midi file as demonstrated by the following snippet:

\version "2.19.17"

music = \relative c'' {     c,4 d e f  }
\addQuote "music" \music

moreMusic = \relative c'' { r2  \quoteDuring "music" s2 }

\score { <<
    \new Staff \music
    \new Staff \moreMusic
         \layout { }
         \midi { }

The pdf output (attached) correctly shows the two quoted notes in the second staff. However, the midi file (also attached) has no notes in channel 2, even though there is a channel 2.

This behavior greatly diminishes the convenience of using quoteDuring. I think it's a bug.

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