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Re: Feature Request: Partial Capo Support

From: Frank D. Engel, Jr.
Subject: Re: Feature Request: Partial Capo Support
Date: Thu, 28 May 2015 19:43:47 -0400
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On 5/26/2015 18:27, Thomas Morley wrote:
2015-05-26 23:37 GMT+02:00 Frank D. Engel, Jr. <address@hidden>:
I have not been able to identify any syntax from which to build such an

I can only see barre syntax which even comes close.

What I am looking for is a barre that looks like a capo but only on some

It should also stay inside the diagram and not wind up floating above it.

On 5/26/2015 09:54, Thomas Morley wrote:
2015-05-26 0:44 GMT+02:00 Frank Engel <address@hidden>:
Fretboard diagrams cannot currently be limited to a range of strings.

Ideally there should be the ability to show multiple such capos (this is

My suggested syntax for this would be something like "barre":

(partial-capo 5 3 2)

Examples of existing diagrams:


Hi Frank,

as far as I can see LilyPond can do already all what your links
Maybe I'm missing something.
Please provide a code-example where LilyPond fails.


Please look at the output from (maybe uncommentthe commented lines):

   \override #'(fret-diagram-details . ((barre-type . straight)))
    #'((barre 6 5 5)
       ;(place-fret 6 5 2)
       ;(place-fret 5 5 2)
       (place-fret 4 4 1)
       ;(place-fret 3 5 3)
       ;(place-fret 2 5 3)
       ;(place-fret 1 5 3)
       (barre 3 1 5))

Isn't it what you want?


ok, the straight barre line gets me fairly close...

Is there a way to make it thicker?

Is there a way to combine this with the other barre type (without making that one thicker) so that I can show barre chords in combination with the capo image?

Regardless, one place this seems to break down is that the dots make it look like a finger should be there (where there is a capo), and without the dots, this gives me some rather strange results:

  \override #'(fret-diagram-details . ((barre-type . straight)))
   #'((barre 5 3 2)
      (mute 6)
      (place-fret 5 6)
      (place-fret 4 4)
      (place-fret 3 4)

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