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Re: Feature Request: Partial Capo Support

From: Frank D. Engel, Jr.
Subject: Re: Feature Request: Partial Capo Support
Date: Sun, 31 May 2015 17:22:04 -0400
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On 5/31/2015 16:22, Thomas Morley wrote:
2015-05-29 1:43 GMT+02:00 Frank D. Engel, Jr. <address@hidden>:

On 5/26/2015 18:27, Thomas Morley wrote:
2015-05-26 23:37 GMT+02:00 Frank D. Engel, Jr. <address@hidden>:
I have not been able to identify any syntax from which to build such an

I can only see barre syntax which even comes close.

What I am looking for is a barre that looks like a capo but only on some

It should also stay inside the diagram and not wind up floating above it.

On 5/26/2015 09:54, Thomas Morley wrote:
2015-05-26 0:44 GMT+02:00 Frank Engel <address@hidden>:
Fretboard diagrams cannot currently be limited to a range of strings.

Ideally there should be the ability to show multiple such capos (this

My suggested syntax for this would be something like "barre":

(partial-capo 5 3 2)

Examples of existing diagrams:


Hi Frank,

as far as I can see LilyPond can do already all what your links
Maybe I'm missing something.
Please provide a code-example where LilyPond fails.


Please look at the output from (maybe uncommentthe commented lines):

    \override #'(fret-diagram-details . ((barre-type . straight)))
     #'((barre 6 5 5)
        ;(place-fret 6 5 2)
        ;(place-fret 5 5 2)
        (place-fret 4 4 1)
        ;(place-fret 3 5 3)
        ;(place-fret 2 5 3)
        ;(place-fret 1 5 3)
        (barre 3 1 5))

Isn't it what you want?


ok, the straight barre line gets me fairly close...

Is there a way to make it thicker?

Is there a way to combine this with the other barre type (without making
that one thicker) so that I can show barre chords in combination with the
capo image?
Look at the example below (yes, it's quite silly, though, we can watch
what happens)

   \override #'(fret-diagram-details .
                  (barre-type . straight)
                  (dot-radius . 0.4)
                  (capo-thickness . 0.5)
    #'((barre 5 3 2)
       (mute 6)
       (capo 1)
       (barre 4 3 4)
       (place-fret 5 6)
       (place-fret 4 4)
       (place-fret 3 4)

capo-thickness can be set independently
dot-radius is used for dots _and_ for the thickness of barre.
We could implement an additional property to control the thickness of barre.
Though, have a look at
We already have 24(!) properties controlling in fret-diagram-details

Do we really need another one?
What does others think?

Regardless, one place this seems to break down is that the dots make it look
like a finger should be there (where there is a capo), and without the dots,
this gives me some rather strange results:

   \override #'(fret-diagram-details . ((barre-type . straight)))
    #'((barre 5 3 2)
       (mute 6)
       (place-fret 5 6)
       (place-fret 4 4)
       (place-fret 3 4)
Clearly a bug.
I fixed it already locally, will create a tracker-issue and provide a
patch, asap


Fixing that bug would be the biggest thing for me. Being able to make the barre the thickness of the capo instead of the thickness of the dots would be a huge plus if possible, but I think I can live with it being smaller if I need to.

Being able to mix barre types (and thicknesses) would be nice, but I can much more easily live without that one - a "nice to have" but not really a major need.

Thank you!

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