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Re: Enhancement: Implement parenthesizing spanners

From: tisimst
Subject: Re: Enhancement: Implement parenthesizing spanners
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2015 08:15:24 -0700 (MST)

On 8/16/2015 10:35 PM, Werner LEMBERG [via Lilypond] wrote:
> >> I made an updated version for 2.19.24 and newer (…), which you find
> >> attached.  [...]
> Thanks!  I think this should be added to the Lilypond core.
Great work! The have two concerns that I'd like to at least put on the 

1. Parenthesizing non-horizontally-fixed grobs (like slurs!): As it 
stands, which works great for most other grobs, a slur gets parentheses 
that span the entire vertical extent, rather than the initial and final 
control points. I think that latter would be much cleaner, but requires 
a separate section specifically customized for (Phrasing)Slurs. Not sure 
how hard this would be to implement, though I know it's easy to get the 
control point information. Then, the parentheses would be positioned 
relative to those points.

2. Parenthesizing a group of similar grobs in a single set of 
parentheses (like a series of staccato marks): I think it would also be 
helpful to have leftPar/rightPar variants that only put a parenthesis on 
the left/right by itself so that multiple instances of the same type of 
grob can appear to parenthesized together, rather than individually. I 
would expect these variants to act more like \once \override to only 
affect the current grob. Such a function would be helpful to group a 
series of, say, staccato marks in a single set of parentheses, a left 
parenthesis on the first one and a right parenthesis on the last one. 
I've seen this on numerous occasions. This one, I know, can be addressed 
quickly with variants of the current "parenthesis-stencil" and "par" 

Just my thoughts on the matter.

- Abraham

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