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How to include code in e-mail? (was: Re: autoBeaming and \set measurePos

From: Simon Albrecht
Subject: How to include code in e-mail? (was: Re: autoBeaming and \set measurePosition)
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 2015 18:29:26 +0200
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Am 20.08.2015 um 09:41 schrieb Phil Holmes:
For trivially small examples (like this is) I think most people find it far easier to comment if you post the code in line, rather than as an attachment. I certainly do.
I just recalled this remark of yours and wanted to reply to it.
I’ve taken a habit of (almost) always including code as an attachment, since thus
(a) there’s no chance of it getting messed up anywhere on its path and
(b) I work with Frescobaldi (as a majority of people do, I think) and to test the code I needn’t even do any copy&paste but can just open the file with Frescobaldi. On the other hand it doesn’t allow commenting inline, that’s true. So likely it’s a matter of preference. What do others think?

Yours, Simon

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