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Re: Noteheads slightly too large

From: Paul Morris
Subject: Re: Noteheads slightly too large
Date: Tue, 9 Feb 2016 10:48:48 -0500

> On Feb 9, 2016, at 10:12 AM, tisimst <address@hidden> wrote:
> Although microscopic, I can confirm this is true at the font level (at
> least at the default printed 20pt size, I didn't check the other optical
> variants). Relative to a 1000-em unit staff height (which is what the fonts
> are designed to, center of bottom staff line to center of top staff line),
> here are the dimensions causing the problem you are seeing:
> staff-space = 250-em
> staff line thickness = 25-em (i.e., 0.1 staff-space)
> solid notehead height = 276-em
> Now, here's the discrepancy. The distance between the bottom of a staff
> line to the top of the next staff line up, is 250+25 = 275-em. That means
> that there is an overall difference in size of 1-em unit (at the 20pt
> printed size, this equates to 1/50pt = 0.00028in = 0.0071mm difference). In
> other words, we are technically splitting hairs with this, but nonetheless,
> it is a difference. The solid notehead is "too large" by 1/100pt on either
> side.

Interesting...  Here’s some code for experimenting with this.  It scales 
notehead stencils. A scaling of 250/276 should make the solid notes equal to 
one staff-space.  (Or should it be 275/276 to make it the "distance between the 
bottom of a staff line to the top of the next staff line up”?)


\version "2.19.36"

example = \relative {
  c' d e f g a b c


  \override NoteHead.stencil =
  #(lambda (grob)
      (ly:note-head::print grob)
      250/276  250/276))


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