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Re: Lilypond 2.19.80-1 hangs

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: Lilypond 2.19.80-1 hangs
Date: Sat, 05 May 2018 19:24:32 +0200
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Paul Hodges <address@hidden> writes:

> PS - The group of commented lines near the end are the version I
> changed it to for successful compilation; the three following lines are
> the version I restored to bring back the fault.

I don't see anything significantly different to similar passages in the
code.  I'd expect some garbage collection problem where one of the ended
and restarted contexts gets into trouble in between.  Any difference
when you remove the bar checks between and before and after the
respective lines?  Are any of the accidentals required for triggering
the problem?

David Kastrup

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