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PR in Gnumake of Windows NT.

From: Meyappan Kulandayan
Subject: PR in Gnumake of Windows NT.
Date: Wed, 07 Feb 2001 19:19:47 +0530

  I have 

       Gnumake Ver 3.77 for Windows 95 and
       Gnumake Ver 3.79 for Windows NT which i downloaded from www.gnu.org as 
sources and built.

I am facing a problem in using this Gnumake on Windows NT as explained below:

Gunamke for Windows NT
When ever Gnumake encounters "mkdir" in the makefile it is trying to
create a directory. If directory already exists it is exiting with Error 1.     


   My Makefile contains the following

       " mkdir ..\test "

  Gnumake interprets the above makefile and creates a "test" directory first 
time. When we
  run the Gnumake again for the same makefile it is exiting with Error 1 when 
it gets to above line. 
  Following is the error message.
  mkdir ..\test
  A subdirectory or file ..\test already exists.
  gnumake[3]: *** [../../../../test/bcd_user.h] Error 1

Gunamke for Windows 95
I ran the gnumake for Windows 95 for the same above makefile and it was going 
through fine
without any errors.

My Question

Why Gnumake for windows NT is exiting if a subdirectory or file already exists 

Suggest some solution or work around to overcome from this Error 1.

Thanks in advance



Senior Engg -Software
Wipro Global R&D
Madiwala II
ph: +91-080-5722296/93 Extn:3020


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