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Re: '-r' option

From: Paul D. Smith
Subject: Re: '-r' option
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 21:29:53 -0400

%% Laird Kevin-QKL001 <address@hidden> writes:

  lk> It is desirable to turn off the use of built-in implicit rules
  lk> when running make. I have been successful in doing this via
  lk> command line option '-r' or with a MAKEFLAGS environment variable
  lk> set to '-r'. However, I would like to simply use the makefile. I
  lk> have put a MAKEFLAGS variable in my makefile and I can see that it
  lk> works for the '-n' option. However, it does nothing when I use the
  lk> '-r' option instead.

Correct.  It would be nice if this worked, but it doesn't.  There are
some issues with the startup sequence of GNU make which make this a bit
difficult to manage, although it could certainly be done.

  lk> What's the proper syntax, or what is the best way to disable the
  lk> built-in implicit rules from within the makefile, preferably
  lk> within employing a sub-make?

I usually do the following: first, use:


to disable all the suffix rules; that will actually get most of them.
Then, for pattern rules that aren't disabled, you can turn them off
explicitly.  Use "make -p" to get a complete listing of all the rules
make knows about, to know which ones to disable.  I typically get rid of
the RCS and SCCS builtins and leave it at that.

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