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Re: Did change in remake.c break the .SECONDARY behaviour?

From: Paul D. Smith
Subject: Re: Did change in remake.c break the .SECONDARY behaviour?
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001 10:03:25 -0400

%% Lutz Vieweg <address@hidden> writes:

  lv> My problem is that I always used dependencies like this:

  lv> foo.cxx: foo.h sub/bar.h

  lv> .SECONDARY: foo.cxx

  lv> to tell make that something that depends on foo.cxx needs to be
  lv> remade whenever foo.h or sub/bar.h changes.

  lv> Of course, foo.cxx should never be changed by any command make
  lv> invokes.


I don't believe that was ever an intended side-effect of the .SECONDARY

  lv> isn't there any way to tell make "foo.cxx depends on foo.h, but
  lv> foo.cxx won't change because of it, only other files that depend
  lv> on foo.cxx need to be remade"?

No; this is sometimes called "transitive dependencies", and some build
tools have them, but make doesn't support them.

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